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Managing luxury Texas estate sales for over 30 years.

Houston Estate Sales & Auction Company specializes in high value estate sales, auctions, and business liquidations.

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In addition to luxury estates, designer goods, fine art and collectibles, we also perform estate sales for all our Houston neighbors.  

No job too big or too small.

Our clients are the beneficiaries of our 30 years of service.

We buy, sell, auction, consign, and liquidate locally and internationally.

Luxury estates,  collections, one of a kind collectibles, no job too big or too small.  

Fine jewelry, fine art,  memorabilia, automobiles, new and vintage watches, coins, and designer items our speciality. 

Our vetted and professional staff will handle your estate as though it was our own.

We take care of the entire process from inventory, to valuation, to sale. We eliminate stress from the liquidation process and earn full market value for your items. We are not a clearing house. We present your goods to qualified buyers, investorors, and collectors on your behalf. Our family owned and operated business has managed estate sales, auctions, and liquidations for over 30 years with an excellent reputation for superior customer satisfaction.  Please ask for referrals for a true analysis of our service. Our team works with families, attorneys, realtors and executors to simplify the estate sale, auction, or liquidation  process.

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No conflict of interest is always guaranteed.

Additionally, for the benefit of our Houston clients, we are unique in that we have have long term international contacts and relationships so your items get presented to the right people no matter where they are located on the globe.  This maximum exposure and international exposure insures we are getting the highest possible returns.  Houston Estate Sales & Auction Company is the agent of their clients and works on their behalf. 

We are always respectful of our clients homes and belongings.

As we have so much experience with our Houston neighbors, we know any level of liquidation can often be stressful. We’re prepared for everything and have experienced all different types of scenarios. Whether it be a death of a loved one, divorce, or family emergency, we can help. We are always very respectful of our clients homes and belongings, compassionate, and professional. We work on the schedule of our clients, at the pace they require. We realize that even a pair of salt and pepper shakers can hold family memories so you can have comfort knowing we will always be available for any support you may need. It is not unusual that we end up building long lasting friendships with our clients.  

Houston estate sales

If you don't love it, consign it.

Always in high demand is fine art, watches, jewelry, coins, gold, art glass, designer goods and automobiles, but we have buyers for everything.

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Regarding weapons; Our vast private buyers database has numerous VETTED gun buyers for private seamless sales.

For buyers, our staff can  help you locate any special items you are looking for. We can additionally provide a licensed Houston  auctioneer to run on-location auctions. 

-Residential Estate Tag Sales Service, On-site Auctions
-Licensed Auctioneer
-On-line Auctions
-Leading Houston Estate Sales and Auction Company 
-Classic Car Sales
-Business/Commercial Liquidation
-Houston Estate Sales and Auction Company Liquidation
-Full and Partial Estate Sales
-Downsizing or relocating?


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We provide security each day of the sale.

Not sure any other estate firm can make this claim.

We provide many levels of security for our estate sales.  Staff is assigned to each room of the home, lock boxes are used for jewelry, and more.  Security is just another thing our Houston clients do not have to worry about.   

No one should ever hire an estate firm without confirming they are bonded and hold adequate liability insurance. Additionally anyone hired should should have a detailed strategy for security. 

Industry Opportunities Available

What is an estate sale?

An Estate Sale is a method of liquidating belongings of a family or estate.  They are typically used when someone must move, downsize, or in the case of divorce, bankruptcy, death, etc.  

The home is staged by the firm handling the sale and belongings are priced and displayed for purchase. Then the public is invited into the home and given the opportunity to purchase the goods. Often children are not allowed nor are backpacks or large bags to protect the estate from shrinkage.  Additionally, because the estate sale is posted in local periodicals and on-line usually people will line up early to be part of the first groups to have the opportunity to review and purchase items for sale.  It is common that antique dealers, vintage collectors, and other professionals local to the property will be first in line.  Sometimes numbers will be given out so there is no confusion who was there first. It is typical to find furniture, art, clothing, Rolex watches, vintage Rolex watches, gold Rolex watches, rugs, estate jewelry, fine jewelry, coins, gold coins, kitchen items, bar ware, books, bedding, electronics, tools, automobiles, classic cars, sports memorabilia, Hollywood memorabilia, and more.    

What is an estate auction?

An estate auction is where everything is auctioned instead of being sold locally.  Houston Estate Sales and Auction Company has special expertise in this area as they have long term international contacts that expose estates to millions of buyers for maximum return rather than just local buyers. 

What is an immediate sale or 'buyout'.

Occasionally there are circumstances where clients do not have the benefit of time for various reasons including emergencies.  When this occurs Houston  Estate Sales and Auction Company utilizes contacts that will purchase entire estates or individual items immediately.    

Want to be notified of future estate sales?

Provide us with your email address and we’ll notify you of future sale info.

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