Houston Business Liquidations

If you are located in the Houston Texas area and are in need of a business liquidation please contact us for assistance.  As we have been located in the Houston and Austin areas for 30 years we are very familiar with the needs of our local business owners.  Over our 30 years of service we have experience liquidating all types of businesses from art galleries to aircrafts and everything in between. 

Houston Estate Sales & Auction Company, is the #1 auction and Business Liquidation resource in Houston.

Quick liquidations and highest dollar for your existing inventory and furnishings.   

Art galleries, retail stores, office settings, large or small, single or multiple locations.

We buy, sell, consign, and auction dependent on each situation.

houston business liquidations

Why we're preferred

For the benefit of our clients, Houston Estate Sales and Auction Company, has a book of vetted, long term, buyers and collectors that are always interested in purchase opportunities.  If appropriate these contacts can provide international exposure to millions of buyers for the highest possible returns.  Houston Estate Sales and Auction Company is always the agent of their business liquidation clients and works on their behalf to provide the best outcome.  

No conflict of interest is always guaranteed.

Business Liquidations
Estate Sales

We handle all the heavy lifting.

single offices to multiple locations. 

your schedule is our schedule.

Local and international representation.

We make closing dates happen.

   Highest prices realized.

The liquidation process.

When you make an appointment with Houston Estate Sales and Auction Company, they will come to your Houston location for a free consultation to evaluation and provide you with a strategy that is best suited for your particular situation.  If you are in need of an immediate resolution we can provide immediate and full liquidation. Auction, sale, and private sales are also options.  As each situation is different, so are the solutions.    


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houston business liquidations

We are respectful of our clients properties.

Houston Estate Sales and Auction Company has over 30 years experience specializing in local and international consignment, liquidation, auctions, online auctions, private sales and estate sales. We know liquidations can be a stressful process for people, so that is why we are always prepared for anything. Additionally we are always very respectful of our clients properties and belongings. Special handling is never a problem.

Our vetted and professional staff will handle your business liquidation carefully and professionally. 

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We know all about security.

It’s important to know that Houston Estate Sales and Auction Company provides many levels of security for their liquidations.  Professional security is on staff, and staff is assigned to each room to insure no shrinkage.  Security is just another thing clients of HESAC do not have to worry about.   

No one should ever hire a business liquidation firm without first verifying they have adequate liability insurance and confirming they are bonded.  References should also be checked for authenticity. Additionally, professional security should be on site for all days of the liquidation.

We have buyers for everything

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houston business liquidations
houston business liquidations
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