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Do your research ahead of time and remain calm.

People often think of auctions like what we on TV and in the movies and they are partially right. Wealthy women dressed in furs dripping in  diamond, men in custom suits, people whispering to one another and glaring at the competitive bidders, while staff are on the phones with mysterious bidders.  Well this is partially true minus 80% of the intrigue.  So far no sign of James Bond.

It will serve you well to prepare before attending or bidding at any auction. 

Typically the items for sale will have been published in a publication prior to the auction. Use this to research and study the items being offered before the auction. Make note of item numbers, lot numbers and such so you don’t get the item your interested in mixed up with another item that might be very similar. Don’t leave anything to memory because once your bid is accepted you are committed. Its best not to partake in too many cocktails prior to bidding either because you want to be sharp as possible. 

Here are some of the terms you should be familiar with:

Lot:  A “lot” is a group of items being offered for sale.   

Chandelier Bid: This is when the auctioneer creates a bid during the auction to make the item seem more in demand. It seems as though this would be illegal but it’s not. Chandelier Bids are frowned upon in the art market however.

White Glove Sale: This term means every lot in an auction successfully sells. It do not have anything to do with ‘white glove delivery service’. 

Bought-In: If an item doesn’t receive any bids, or the reserve bid is not met, it is considered “bought-in”.

Burned: Once an item is unsold, (bought-in) it can be referred to as “burned”. Using this terms can reflect badly on the item in future auctions due to the stigma of not being sold the first time around. 

Collusion: Collusion is when multiple bidders coordinate together for their mutual gain which is illegal. 

Shills: People who drive up auction prices with fake bids to increase sale prices. 

Hammer Price: Just like it sounds,  the price when the hammer falls is the winning bid. 

Buyer’s Premium: An agreed cost that is paid in addition to the winning  price.

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