If you see a cute designer wearing white jeans, it might be Jonathan Adler.

Jonathan Adler started off making and selling ceramic accessories to Barneys in New York in 1993.  Now he has 17 stores and is a household name and is known worldwide.  When I think of Jonathan Adler I think of pure White jeans and pop art style accessories.  In fact, on my list of things I would like to have, #8 is a red lucite Jonathan adler car.  More about this later.     

Adler is from New Jersey, and discovered pottery at summer camp when he was 12. His father was also interested in pottery so it was an easy hobby for the family to accept.

Later Adler attended Brown University where he studied  art history but he spent most of his time making pots at a small local design school. He was interested in pop culture, early hip hop, contemporary art, and fashion. Interesting, one of his professors advise him that ‘he had no talent, and that he should give up on his dreams and become an attorney’.

After graduating, Adler spent three years as an assistant in the entertainment industry and in 1990 Adler started teaching classes at Mud, Sweat ‘n’ Tears in New York City in exchange for free studio space. He approached the buyers from Barneys New York, received an order, and went into full-time production in pottery.  In 1993 Jonathan Adler Enterprises LLC was founded.

Adler opened his first store in 1998 in SoHo and now his designs are sold in 30 stores and over 1,000 retailers. He also now designs furniture, accessories, and fabric. Some of his accessories are quite pricey. For example, his vibrant colored lucite cars are great eye candy for any decor and can be seen in many high end homes.  Resale value is about $2000.00    


$1800.00 estimate
$1750.00 estimate

If you have any Jonathan Adler furnishings or accessories that you are ready to sell, contact us for assistance in finding you qualified buyers in and around Houston or nationwide as we see a lot of Jonathan Adler items in the homes of our Houston clients.