We facilitate the sale of fine watches.

All types of watches are commonly found at our Houston estate sales.  We regularly find Rolex, Ebel, Fendi, Chopard, Piaget, and alike. We have collectors and investors locally and internationally so our sellers items (watches, art, jewelry, classic cars, and alike) get world wide exposure. 

Fendi Watches

As there is a Fendi boutique in Houston, we find Fendi items, such as watches, handbags, and coats often at our Houston estate sales. 

Fendi women’s watch with rotating gemstones is really a magnificent piece of work.  If you have never seen one up close, it’s worth a trip to the store to see one up close and in person.  The gemstones are on a plate, that once pressed, rotates to display an alternate series of stones.  A great feature so you can adjust your gems for each outfit!  Surprisingly the watch is not as expensive as you could expect hence the brand, materials, and workmanship.  The womens watch retails for about  $2500.00 depending on what gemstones you wish and how many stones on the watch.  

fendi watch
diamond watch


We could talk forever about fine watches with sky high prices but Piaget watches are present in both the finest watches made as well as the most reliable, and can often be found from our Houston clientele.  

Of course they range from Ruby encrusted evening watches to diamond watches with so much sparkle, it’s really more akin to a bracelet. 

A Piaget watch is a great collectible to invest in and if you love the look its win-win, with or without diamonds.

The most expensive watches

Some of the most expensive mens watches in the world are the VACHERON CONSTANTIN Patrimony at over $3,000,000.00 (no precious stones),  the Ulysse Nardin mens watch at over a million, the Louis Moinet Magistralis at just under a million dollars, the Hublot Black Caviar at a million dollars, and the Chopard Super Ice Cube also at the million dollar mark.

Speaking of Chopard, we recently sold a Chopard “Happy” watch to a buyer in Houston. Of course these watches are known for their lose bezel diamonds that float in the face of the watch. 

The seller was a Austin woman who had barely worn it.  As it was a gift from her X-husband she want to sell it and buy something that didn’t hold any “memories”. She replaced it with a Herme watch, a Birkin bag she had always wanted, and other designer items.  The transaction was a win-win for all and easy because we took care of everything.  No awkward meetings where price is negotiated between the parties.


If you are interested in collectible watches, for either buying or selling, call us for a consultation. Rolex, Chopard, Ebel, Fendi, and Piaget, our speciality.


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