Another successful classic car sale in Houston.

Yep, another buy, enjoy, sell, repeat story.

One of our regular Houston clients finally decided to sell her Mercedes SL 500 with the classic lines that all car lovers appreciate. She barely drove it. In fact it never left Houston.  As her household had multiple cars she normally drove her SUV around town. She advised she only used the SL for evening or when she was wearing a dress.

Anyway, the car was flawless, just 51,000 miles and it still had new-car-smell. It is the extended wheel base which means an extra 15″ of space in the rear setting area. The car had every extra you could think of…dual antennas on the back corners of the vehicle so you can have additional support when backing up, lighted vanity mirrors in the back seat, dual pane windows for quiet drive and so much more. The car was 17.5 feet long making it one the biggest Mercedes ever built. She also mentioned at 100 mph you felt like you were going 40 (very smooth and quiet). Others who have chosen to own this car include Princess Diana, Rush Limbaugh, and Lindsey Buckingham to name drop.

When our client went to sell/trade in the vehicle she was insulted at the ridiculous prices she was offered…just $5000.00 from a few Houston car dealers and $7,500.00 from a few private parties, all absurd as she paid $76,000 for the vehicle and it was still in new condition.

She tried for several months to find a buyer for the car but no luck. Plus she hated to have people coming to her home and even more, getting into the car with strangers. 

One day she was calling us about a piece of jewelry and mentioned how she was having trouble selling her car.  She had forgotten that we manage the sale of vehicles, and have special experience with high profile vehicles like Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Corvette, and Tesla. Well, long story short, within a short period of time we were able to secure $28,000.00 for the car and she was thrilled to say the least. 


Our client immediately took her funds and is now driving around Houston in the exact opposite car…a small two-seater Jag. 

What a great example of how we do more than ‘estate sales’.


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