Chinese Ginger Jars

From inexpensive functional storage to stunning fine art, Chinese ginger jars have become the go-to piece for decorators, collectors, and people just wanting to update their decor. 

These jars are most easily identified by their high shoulders and domed lids. Ginger jars come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes so there are always people on the look for just the right set or collectors wanting to add to their collections. Typically the older the jar, the most valuable. Some, depending on the design can sell for over $35,000.00.  Not to worry though, ginger jars can be found for several hundred dollars so they are accessible to everyone.

20th century $1300.00 estimate
18th century $24,000.00

The ginger jars originated during the Qin Dynasty as a storage jar for spices like salt and ginger and were called “guan”. When ginger was later exported to the rest of the world, the jars were deemed “ginger jars” by westerners. 

 Around the 19th century the jars began to be collected solely for their beauty and have become a high demand collectors item. 

Colors range from the traditional blue and white to detailed multi-colored designs some highlighted with 24K gold. They can be found in an upscale kitchens, living rooms, and museums. 

Even if your home is modern or traditional, the right piece of Chinese art can make a very bold statement while displaying your good taste and sophistication.  No one has to know your favorite part is the kittle Foo dog on the lid! 

chinese urns

If you have any Chinese art whether it be jars, pottery, paintings, or wall hangings, be sure to seek the counsel of an experienced seller to insure you are getting the full market value of your items. 

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