Breitling Watches

Breitling watches are highly valued all over the world. Like Rolls Royce and Maserati, a large percentage of Breitling watches are brought to North America for sale.

It is not uncommon that owners of Breitling watches to resell their watches in favor of new models that are produced, which is where we can be of assistance. Unlike with watch dealers who buy and sell for their own investment, we expose your timepiece to the world. No conflict of interest is ever an issue with our firm, so you can be comfortable knowing we are seeking the highest return on your behalf.

breitling watch

Estimated value $70,000

Chronograph Avanger

breitling watch

Estimated value $15,000

Chronomat GMT

breitling watch

Estimated Value $30,000


breitling watch

Estimated Value $36,000

Transocean Limited Chrono

We always work to get market value or higher for our clients.

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Breitling Tips

Reference number vs serial number

The reference number of all Breitling watches can be found on the paperwork as well as on the back of the watch.  It is typically in a rectangle shaped box. The serial number is different than the reference number in that it is exclusive to your watch.  It too can be found in your paperwork or on the back of your watch. Typically it is below the reference number in smaller print.

Chronograph vs Chronometer

These terms are often confusing. Simply put, a chronograph watch is a watch that includes a stopwatch feature.

Chronometer is a watch that has certification by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute. To obtain this designation, the movement of the watch must pass precision tests in various positions and temperatures, over a 2 week period. All Breitling watches have the this certification.

Quartz vs Mechanical

A quartz watch is powered by a battery and is regulated by a quartz crystal. Breitling quartz models are guaranteed accuracy plus or minus 15 seconds a year. 

A mechanical watch is driven by a spring, which requires it to be wound. It can be done manually, or by using the kinetic energy provided by the wearer’s movements. Breitling mechanical watches are accurate to negative 4 to positive 6 seconds per day.

Bently and Brietling

In 2002, Bentley revealed  the Continental GT, the highest horsepower Bentley produced. Breitling assisted in the design of the instruments and in dash clock. It was the first time that Bentley had trusted this task to anyone other than its own technicians.

Breitling and James Bond

In the 1965 James Bond movie Thunderball, Bond sports a Breitling watch by Q which contains a feature that enables Bond to track down two stolen nuclear warheads. After the movie wrapped, the watch disappeared and later resurfaced in 2012 in England. It later sold at Christie’s auction house for over $132,000.00.

If you have a Breitling watch you wish to sell, contact us for information. We can assist with the sale from beginning to end. We handle all the marketing, appointments, viewings, sale, shipping if applicable, and banking.