Asian Art

The popularity of Asian Art is at it's peak.

Asian art is becoming more and more valuable each day. It’s limited availability combined with collectors willing to over pay has launched the industry into a place where it’s becoming very difficult to find reasonable opportunities. 

The most sought after pieces are in the hands of world wide collectors and museums, and it’s always news worthy when important pieces change ownership.  For people who just appreciate the art, it’s a game that’s harder and harder play.  

Even Asian art for the everyday consumer has become very hard to come by.  Sure you can find some cement statues for your garden or atrium, but trying to find a Tang horse that isn’t mass produced has now proven to be a herculean task. 

Searching for Asian art for your home is not easy and often requires assistance from a decorator with expertise in high end collectibles.  My recommendation is to ask everyone you come in contact with if they have any tips or contact. This worked for us once on a trip for just so.  We ended up being referred to a giant wholesale decorator warehouse in Houston full of Asian Art.  All reproductions of course, but the quality was good and a great option if you are just seeking a serene decorative vibe. 

Asking $11,000.00
China stoneware $14,000.00
Marble bust $32,000.00
White Tigers $17,500.00

Asian pottery is one of the most enjoyable things to collect and display. From the Tang dynasty to newer pieces from Vietnam, there is something for everyone. The Gift shows a few times a year in Los Angeles and Vegas used to be a good source for Asian Art, but in recent years only 2 or 3 vendors still attend. 

Art galleries can be a good source. Leave your info with gallery owners in hopes of them remembering you if/when they come across something.

High end estate sales in the Houston area are an excellent source for art too. Again, make friends with the people who are exposed to art and art collectors, and keep in touch.  

Chinese teapot $11,000.00
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